A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance: The Role of Massage

We humans are awesome, complex beings. A unique blend of body, mind, and spirit, we function best when the three facets are in balance. The body, mind, and spirit cannot be separated. They are inter-related, mutually reliant and function together, harmonizing an individual’s experience of being human. These living, changing parts of the whole require a delicate balance. Regular massage therapy is key.

Body is the physical, three-dimensional frame that houses eleven systems: circulatory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, muscular, lymphatic, reproductive, skeletal, renal, and exocrine (hair, nails, sweat and other glands).

Mind (not to be confused with the organ of the brain) includes consciousness, thought, judgment, memory, and emotion. Spirit, the most ephemeral of all, encompasses intuition, the capacity for imagery and metaphor, and will. Spirit is the fundamental, enlivening vitality that defines us.


Listening to the body         

Often the first sign that something is “wrong” is a message from the body. Headaches, muscle stiffness, digestive distress—all are ways the body informs us that something is out of balance. Many times the dis-ease is not physical in origin, but rather due to the hectic nature of everyday life. Often, we first encounter massage to address a physical issue, but soon we experience beneficial outcomes beyond the body.

Freeing the mind       

Massage therapy is therapeutic for the mind and emotions as well and begins with the release of physical tension during massage. We find it also quiets the mind, restores perspective (that gets lost when we go from one thing to another to another), and relieves built up stress. When the mind is relaxed, edginess drops away, and we get in touch with the kinder, gentle language of self-care and compassion.

Opening to the spirit  

Deeper truths emerge from the mind that is relaxed, opening us to the transformative wisdom that emerges from this deeper level of consciousness. We find also that a sense of aliveness, as well as a fresh attentiveness to the world around us, permeates our being at the physical, mental, and emotional levels as well.

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