Foot Detox Spa

As the water in the foot spa changes colors, you know that your body is releasing toxins accumulated from the environment. Natural and synthetic pollutants and toxins buildup from poor diet, stress, water and air pollution in fat cells, joints, muscles, some organs.

This 30-minute treatment with the Health Ionizer Aqua Foot Spa

  • Removes heavy metals
  • Relieves seasonal allergies
  • Increases oxygen levels and energy
  • Deactivates viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast
  • Speeds recovery time post-illness, accident, or surgery
  • Reduces inflammation and fluid retention
  • Improves sleep and relieves tension
  • Boosts the immune systems
  • Removes a variety of waste products such as lactic, uric, and carbonic acids
  • Relieves the symptoms of edema, gout, swollen joints, pain, and headache